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Women-Powered Business Coaching & Training

Entrepreneurs are a special breed - visionary, creative, and driven.  The Brand Doula   is your Business Development and Strategist Coach, your personal and professional Push Coach.  My job is to push you through the obstacles preventing you from walking in your purpose.   An entrepreneur coach is a guide through business challenges. These knowledge-building experts provide layers of value to the business owner. We can spot weak points, give objective outside counsel, and hold you accountable to your goals. The Brand Doula will assist in birthing dreams and pollinating purpose based on the belief that each and every one of us has a divine path and destiny that includes a unique gift(s) that we were born to contribute to our communities and offer up to the world.  We are passionate about purpose identification and development and take great pride in the dreams she has assisted in delivering and continues to pollinate.   You are invited to begin your very own laboring process by joining us in one of our  SEED Sessions  or IncubatHers today!  

Visionary Branding refers to the ideas behind a brand that helps guide the future. When the brand vision is right, it reflects and supports the business strategy, differentiates from competitors, resonates with customers, energizes and inspires employees/partners, and precipitates unique ideas for marketing programs that result in brand affinity and loyalty.  When the culture resonates with the brand, the strategy develops itself and organically creates connection. From concept to maturity, your brand is our priority.

We specialize in delivering meaningful and quantifiable growth for brands through strategic communication, brand story development, brand engagement, and mutual collaboration.  Our promise is to develop a brand vision strategy with tangible results to deliver your brand promise through an identity that is authentic and uniquely your own.


What We Do

"Who am I?, What would I like to accomplish?"  Two questions every business should be able to answer, but very few can.  We will  take you through our proven method to identify your brand , solidify your mission and develop a strategy to accomplish your vision.  

Brand Engagement

Every brand experience is unique. Organic experiences grown out of successful collaborations  create brand loyalty.  Let us take a fresh look at your existing brand partnerships and create alliances to strengthen brand equity through positive customer engagement with strategies for every customer touch point.  Our brand marketing, strategic management experience and expertise in creating and aligning brands with experiences that tell unique stories are what sets us apart. 

Brand Pollination

Trust us to execute manage and grow your brand. We are your marketing partners from conception, birth, development, maturity and beyond.  We specialize in producing tangible results to deliver your brand promise through an identity that is authentic and uniquely your own. 

Idea Incubation & Brand Development

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